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Here’s How to Go Green in the Living Room

Commonly associated with the beauty of lush grass and trees, shades of green have been found to relax and calm the mind — making them a popular choice for serene living spaces. Whether it’s with an accent piece or you’re going for a full monochrome look, there are endless ways to bring greens ...

DIY Electric Fireplace Makeover | Centsational Style

This project started as an idea in my mind, how could I transform the free electric fireplace that came with the Florida house we bought. You can see the original fireplace in those real estate listing pictures from earlier this year. All summer long I didn’t bother with the idea of a fireplace ...

Can electric radiators be used in bathrooms?

Electric radiators can be used in bathrooms. In fact, it can make a lot of sense to do so. With that said, there are several important safety considerations relating to electric radiators in bathrooms. The basics of electricity and water One of the first science ...

Creating Custom Storage With Ikea Bestas

Want to turn simple store-bought cabinets into custom built-ins? “Hacking” something that’s already made is so much easier than building something from scratch, and it can look really custom in the end. Built-in storage is universally helpful (especially in a smaller home – but really, ...

Weekend Reading 11.27.22 | Centsational Style

Weekend Reading 11.27.22 By Kate Riley • November 27, 2022We had the loveliest Thanksgiving here in Florida and yesterday we went on a sunset cruise around the local keys, it’s something I definitely recommend for visitors to the area, my brother and his wife loved it too! I’m headed back ...

Drano is Still Tops at Dealing With Stubborn Clogs

We updated this article in November 2022 to add more information about each featured product based on extensive testing done by the Good Housekeeping Institute. Our original top-rated picks, selected by the GH Cleaning Lab remain the same with the exception of our original pick for Best Drain ...

Cranberry Sauce Margaritas | Centsational Style

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Today the family is having an early feast and then headed to the beach for the sunset. We are having so much fun here in Florida! My sister-in-law and I are enjoying some tasty margaritas as we food prep. This recipe is also good for the day after Thanksgiving since ...

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