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Pale Pebble Landscape Designs | Centsational Style

I was creating a collection of images to submit to our landscaper for the Florida house we’re renovating. In addition to basic maintenance and repair, we’re getting ready to convert several of the spaces in the front and rear yards so that they have low maintenance rock or pebble areas filled sporadically with tropical plants, succulents, and cactus.

Hardscapes that include rocks, pebbles, or gravel are a low maintenance approach to landscaping that can be just as beautiful as lawns or flower beds. What keeps these areas attractive with minimal effort is weed block fabric, controlled irrigation, and the occasional raking. This style of landscape will save money on your water bill and is also better for drought prone areas where water conservation is key.

I love the look because it feels very modern, also the rocks or pebbles are a subtle contrast to the botanicals and allow the plants to take the spotlight. Here are a few landscape design ideas incorporating pale pebbles, rocks, and gravel as a low maintenance yard solution.


Walking Path with Pavers

salty luxe



Landscape Strip + White Planters

the balcony garden


Rock Bed with Contrasting Planters



Landscape Strip + Cement Orbs

greencube landscape design



Planting Bed Soil Cover

homes to love



Gravel with Flagstone Pavers




Minimalist Yard with Low Maintenance Plants

create architecture


Full Patio with Pebbles

cate st hill


Deck Border

via domino



Cactus Bed




Minimalist Courtyard

via aucoot


Patio Surround with Pavers

salty luxe



Wide Walkway

three birds renovation



Seating & Dining Patio with Stepping Stones

the interiors addict


Firepit Surround

molly wood garden design

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