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What is Wood Paneling, How to Install Wood Wall Paneling?

What is wood paneling?

Wood wall paneling is an exterior or interior wood cover prepared from wood. The wood wall paneling is done to give a rich, modern and smooth look to the walls while also insulating the walls. The wood paneling method is used to facilitate more comfort and décor to walls. The wood panels are available in glossy or matte finish as per the requirement of the customers. Wood interior wall paneling is done to clad the inner walls of a house or building with a decorative and polished wood coating while wood cladding for exterior walls is done to give a rich and glorious entrance to residential buildings/ commercial buildings.

Step by step process for the installation guide on wood interior wall paneling

Installing a wooden wall panel requires a lot of precious and correct measurements. It is a step-by-step process you need to perform for getting the best results.  You will have to start from the corner and then continue with the middle section for proper cladding/paneling.

Here are the steps you need to follow for wood wall paneling:

  • Estimate the rough of panels that will be required for paneling. Take measurements while checking the circumference of the room and dividing it by four. Cut out the doors and window areas from the paneling.
  • Check the current condition of your walls. You need to check whether the wall is incapable of bearing the new cladding or not. Scratch your nails and check the porous form of the wall.
  • If your walls are not even smooth, you can add furring strips to level the wall. This will also provide some strength and proper leveling to the walls.
  • Starting from the top, space the furring strips horizontally while also placing a vertical strip between the horizontal furring.
  • Stand the panels with the wood sticks on the wall to allow air circulation between the wall and panels
  • Use a 2-inch foam brush to paint the wall head to mark where the panels will be joined. Make small markings so the joints will be less visible.
  • Check the measurements before cutting the panels and starting the installation. From the corner, cut the panels as per the switchboards, windows, doors, etc.
  • Place the panels on the floor and use a jigsaw to cut the panels. Let the paneling stick to the walls.
  • Now, secure the panel with adhesive or nails. Apply adhesive at the gap of 10 inches and press the panel to the adhesive.
  • Press the panels to avoid air bubbles and let them stay. Follow the same process for applying panels to the other walls and areas.
  • Apply finishing nails to the top of the panel. Hold the bottom with a baseboard. Allow some gap between 2 sheets to let the paneling stick in a better way.

Also, color sticks can be sued on the paneling to fill holes, gaps, or stains on the panels. The paneling can be done from hardwood, pine, teak wood, etc. take care while performing paneling to get a rich and polished look for your walls.

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