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What are a Fiber Cement Board and it’s Characteristics?

A Fiber Cement Board is a composite board that has a variety of applications. It is composed of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. The characteristics of fiber cement boards are –

  • It is a water-resistant material with very good drying properties.
  • The board has very good fire resistance properties.
  • It is a material that has replaced asbestos in many areas.
  • Fiber cement boards are usually available in ½’’ and ¼’’ thickness and a standard size of 8’-0’’x4’0’’.
  • It is a very durable material with high strength and stability. It does not break or lose its composition in continuous exposure to water.
  • These boards are very heavy and have to be handled carefully so that the edges don’t get chipped.
  • Cutting of the boards should carefully be done with carbide-tipped tools and saw blades.
  • Fiber Cement Boards have high weather-resistant properties and are extensively used on the exteriors.
  • They are termite resistant.
  • The Boards are very good insulators of sound and heat. It can increase the energy efficiency of the building.

They have various applications like ceilings, partition walls, floor backing, exterior cladding and in areas where there is continuous exposure to moisture.

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