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What are the types of Structural Glazing? Glazing Types

structural glazing types

Structural Glazing forms a very important part of facade design. Over the years it has evolved and it has been very challenging to find good structural glazing solutions.

The different types of structural glazing systems are:

  1. Four-Sided Framed Glazing:

    • In four-sided framed glazing a frame is fabricated on all four sides of the glass to support it. During installation the horizontal and vertical support members are framed on the building. Glass is used as a transparent infill panel.
  2. Two-Sided Framed Glazing:

    • In a two-sided framed glazing the support for glass is only on two sides. It is either fabricated in the horizontal or in the vertical direction. The glass is then fixed in the mullions.
  3. Frameless Glazing:

    • The frameless glazing imparts a seamless look to the glass. The glass fits together with different kinds of hardware like spider glass etc., which are used to tie the glass to the structure.
  4. Glass Fin Glazing:

    • Glass fins are vertical glass sheets used to strengthen the glass facade. The glass sheet is placed in a perpendicular direction to the building facade. It is bonded to the building with special hardware and silicone sealants.
    • The Sealants that are used in structural glazing have to be strong, durable, and resistant to ultraviolet radiation. They should also be neutral to changing weather conditions since glass may get over-heated in summer and there might be heat loss in winters.

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