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Glance through the numerous Types of Drawer Channels

Cabinet runners, also known as slides, are delicate machinery elements that are used in these cabinet systems. These are linked at the sides, allowing for the same movement in and out. They are simple to install and require regular maintenance to avoid rust. Shelf runners allow holders to slide in and out of units such as kitchen cabinets, cupboard units, and so on. Weight, mounting method, length, extension, and sliding mechanics are all classified. The best are those that can be opened and closed with minimal effort and as little noise as possible. These runner devices have a number of unique qualities that aid in grouping them into different categories. Finishes, design, runner extensions/length, bearing capacity, and mounting features are only a few of these categories. There are several types of kitchen drawer slides that you can avail of. Know about them in detail from this blog by reading till the end.

Here are the Different types of drawer slides you should know about

Ball-Bearing Drawer Slides

Ball-bearing drawer slides are one of the most common types of drawer slides. Ball-bearing drawer slides, as the name implies, are distinguished by the use of ball bearings. They have small metal balls embedded in the rails that reduce friction, allowing drawers to open and close more easily. Ball-bearing drawer slides are available with one-way or two-way travel. Irrespectively, they are all equipped with ball bearings within the rails.

Slides with Ball Bearings and a Soft Close

Ball-bearing slides use ball bearings rather than rollers to allow for telescopic motion. They are the Types of drawer channels that are made up of three parts: the cabinet member, the intermediate member, and the drawer member. The cabinet member, like the roller slides, attaches to a stable or grounded component, i.e., the cupboard, and the drawer constituent attaches to the moving portion, i.e., the drawer. The intermediate constituent is in contact with two sets of ball bearings, the first of which is connected with the grooves of the cabinet member and the second with the grooves of the drawer constituent.

The drawer member, which slides over the ball bearings between itself and the intermediate member as the mechanism extends, is the first component to move. Once the drawer member has reached the end of the ball bearings, the intermediate member will start sliding along the ball bearings between itself and the cabinet member until fully extended. The ball bearings within each groove of the mechanism, like the two-roller design, provide horizontal stability and allow for level extension.

Drawer Slides in the Center

The manner in which center-mounted drawer slides are mounted distinguishes them. They are installed directly beneath the drawers in the center. When you remove a drawer from a piece of furniture, you’ll notice the center-mounted drawer slides in the center below it. Because they are mounted in the center of drawers, they are referred to as center-mounted drawer slides.

Drawer Slides Mounted Underneath

Under-mounted drawer slides are available in addition to center-mounted drawer slides. On the sides, drawer slides are under-mounted. They, like center-mounted drawer slides, are found beneath the drawers with which they are used. Center-mounted drawer slides are placed in the middle of the drawers, whereas under-mounted drawer slides are positioned on the sides. Both types are installed beneath the drawers, but only under-mounted drawer slides are visible on the sides.

Roller Slidings

Roller slides or rolling drawers are made up of two parts: the cabinet member and the drawer member, each with its own roller, which is usually made of plastic. The cabinet member, as the name implies, attaches to a stable or grounded component, i.e., the cupboard, whereas the drawer constituent attaches to a moving element, i.e., the drawer. Once removed, each roller will accommodate into the slot found on the other constituent and will be at opposite ends of the mechanism, with the cabinet member’s roller at the front.

Glides for Side-Mount

Side-mount drawer glides and ball-bearing slides are excellent choices for durability and functionality when selecting drawer slides for your cabinets. By installing a linear slide on each side of the drawer, you can achieve smooth movement when opening and closing it. These high-quality, massive roller-bearing wooden storage panels can support up to 250 pounds and, unlike plastic or wooden slides, are self-lubricating and will not stick. Nonetheless, unlike other side mount slides that need only half of the space between the side of the door and the cabinet, the heavy-duty side mount slides require three-fourths of space to assure proper installation. Side-mount drawer glides are distinguished from other types of drawer slides by their visibility.

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