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What are Penetrating Sealers? | Characteristics Of Sealers

Penetrating sealers soak very deeply into the concrete or stone and undergo a chemical reaction to form a shield against moisture and chemicals. They block the pores and capillaries of concrete to give long-term protection to the substrate.

The characteristics of Penetrating sealers are –

  • They provide protection to the concrete or stone without being visible or changing the color or appearance of the substrate.
  • They give a natural matte finish to the substrate.
  • They are breathable hence allowing the water vapor to escape from the stone or concrete.
  • They are expensive but extremely durable.

The applications of different Penetrating sealers are –

Silanes –They are very small molecular compounds hence are used for sealing dense concrete. They are widely used in parking decks and concrete facades.

Silicates -They are used for polishing old or new concrete floors. They are used widely in factories and retail outlets.

Siliconates – They are resistant to extreme weather conditions hence find their applications in roads, driveways, bricks and external stone.

Siloxanes – They form a chemical bond within porous masonry that clots the surface pores. They are used in external concrete, porous concrete blocks and porous bricks.

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