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Different Types of Chairs In India

There is no house or office without a chair. You need it compulsorily either for yourself or for the others in the house and office. With the advent of new ideas, different types of chairs have evolved in the market. You can get them in many designs and shapes that fit in the decor of your room. You can buy them for different purposes like studying, sitting in the garden or balcony, carrying them to different places and much more. The materials with which they are made also vary from type to type. However, plastic ones have become quite popular nowadays. Know more about this product by reading this blog.

Here are the types of chairs list you must go through to know about them well

  • Plastic Chair
  • Computer Chair
  • Folding Chair
  • Lounge Chair

Plastic Chair

As you are eager to know about the different styles of chairs, you should first start knowing about the plastic ones. Plastic models are the most commonly found ones in both residences and commercial places. Besides that, they are available at affordable prices and last long. The material does not degrade and is appropriate for all types of weather conditions. The high-grade plastic is strong enough to bear any weight. In addition, there are separate models for children that are also made from plastic. While different types of chairs for home, made from plastic, have armrests, some don’t have them. Nonetheless, very few plastic seats are cushioned.

You can use these models outdoors and indoors. Besides that, they are ideal for your office too. If you want to have a seating arrangement in your garden, they are the best option as they can bear the heat, rain, and cold. At Indoors, these models are best for balconies and rooms. Often people use them for dining rooms also to add color to the setup. You can utilize them as a Study Chair.

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Computer Chair

These models are also popular and are used at offices and houses. Generally, they are ergonomic ones with different customization options that can help you adjust your sitting. You can have proper lumbar support using this product. They have a soft cushioned seat and backrest along with armrests for maintaining a proper body posture. As the name suggests, you can use them while using the computer. These models are also known as Revolving Chair since they have castor wheels that help you rotate. You can avail of your file rack or other documents while sitting on this. Furthermore, these models are available in various shapes and heights and finishes.

You can use this Office Chair for visitors to sit. Besides that, you can also use them at your home for studying. If you are doing your work from home, you can also use this model to get proper lumbar support while working.

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Folding Chair

One of the most famous types of chairs for home is the folding model. They can save much space in your room as you can collapse them and keep them when not used. Apart from that, these models are made from various materials. Often they are constructed from aluminum, and steel. However, they are also made from wood. Unlike the plastic models, some of them have armrests while others don’t have them. Since they are portable, they are light in weight.

You can use these models for various purposes. Since you can carry them, you might take them to short trips and kitty parties. You can use them in your garden for sitting in the evenings. These products are also ideal for children, and you can let them sit anywhere as they feel tired.

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Lounge Chair

The Lounge models are luxury ones that you can keep in your living room. They are cushioned and often have high backs for letting you rest majestically. It is available in different colors and looks. They have a long life, so you need not worry about that. The biggest utility is that you can match the product’s color with your room and then buy.

You can use them in lavish sitting rooms. If you are a hotel owner, you can also put them in your reception or luxury suits.

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