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Take a Look at the uses of wall putty

Painting is the correct way to change the ambiance of your home whenever you want to give it a new and fresh look. You’ve decided to have your house painted. But the question is, is it just paint, or are there other factors that contribute to a better and longer-lasting paint finish? Yes, wall putty makes your painting shine, strengthens it, and saves you money. When it comes to achieving a flawless finish, this item is essential before applying paint. So, before you begin, you should be familiar with the mortar.

Putty is primarily a cementitious substance whose primary function is to even out the surface and creates a level surface for subsequent coats of paint. It also aids in the filling of minor cracks and pores, as well as the removal of any undulation on the room divider. The application of this item is the first step in achieving long-lasting painting results and requires only two coats. If you are speculating on how to use wall putty, you should know that if the room divider’s conditions are good, with no major cracks, seepage, or moisture problems, it does not need to be applied over the entire surface touch-ups be done where necessary.

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This item is generally made up of materials with high plasticity and a texture similar to clay. It creates a smooth, protective base for paint application. It can also be used as a filler to fill cracks or patches on the room divider. It enables the application of any color to the room dividers. The product comes in different looks and finishes. The benefit of this product is it can be used both on outdoor and indoor surfaces, regardless of whether old or new. To know more about How to use putty on the wall, continue reading and discovering new facts about the product.

Uses of wall putty

Are you wondering Why wall putty is used? Check the uses below.

  • Painting on a Smooth Surface: Wall putty fills in the imperfections, cracks, and flaws on the surface when applied properly to the room dividers. This cement adheres well to the base concrete or plastered surfaces. As a result, when implemented to the outer or inner room dividers, this cement can ensure a seamless undulating surface for a good paint finish.
  • Elongates the Life of the Paint: As this paste has excellent adhesion and tensile strength, it extends the life of the paint when applied to room dividers before painting. Aside from that, this mortar prevents wall deterioration by making it water and flake-resistant.
  • Multiple usages: This mortar is multipurpose in that it can be used on both interior and exterior walls. Furthermore, the mixture can be used on dry and wet, old and new room dividers for a fault-free surface.

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Various Types of Wall Putty

Several paste types are available on the market, each suited to a specific purpose, interior or exterior walls. This product is broadly classified into two types:

Putty made of white cement

White cement mortar is the most commonly used type of mortar today. It’s made from a combination of white cement, minerals, and polymers. White cement mortar appears to be glossy and smooth and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor room dividers.

  • Applications: It can be used on the exterior, interior, or exposed surface.
  • Binding: As it is a cement-based product, it has a high level of adhesion.
  • Water resistance: Extremely good damp resistance.
  • Strength: Because of the cement, it has high strength. It has high tensile adhesion, compression, and bending strength.

Putty made of acrylic

Acrylic mortar is a liquid paste composed of white pigments, acrylic emulsion medium, and additives. It is primarily used on interior surfaces rather than exterior surfaces. The finish of acrylic cement is smooth and matte.

  • Application: It can be used on interior/ceiling surfaces. It cannot be used on the outside of the house.
  • Binding: The binding property is lower than that of cement-based paste.
  • Resistant to water: There isn’t much water resistance. It fades quickly and must be reapplied every year.
  • Strength: It has a very low level of strength.

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