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7 Reasons to choose Timber Doors & Windows for your Home

It’s 2020 and urbanization has caused Indian households to live in high rises; High rises that are protected by good looking but synthetic doors and windows. However the yearning for solid wood doors and windows resides in all because of their durability, artistic value, and a period look that is lost with synthetic installations.

One of the most popular wood to make doors and windows is Timber. It adds character, depth and elegance to a home and has a great vintage value. There are various reasons why Timber is still so pertinently popular among homes that choose wooden doors & windows.
timber windows and doors

Advantages of using Timber Doors & Windows:

  1. Timber is durable and lasts very long. It has that calm, natural warmth that all life has.
  2. It has low thermal conductivity and is great as an insulator. It keeps excess heat and cold out. So it does not let the energy bills shoot up much in both the crucial seasons.
  3. It is environmentally sustainable. According to a recent report, timber products reduce the amount of CO2 in the air. So you are also contributing in reducing the Carbon footprint.
  4. Timber will last upto or over 60 years. It is durable and has been used for centuries for making homes, doors, window frames etc. However, it requires huge sheaths of paint to keep it from rotting and increase the lifespan of the timber.
  5. It is easy to maintain doors and windows and repair them to enhance the lifespan without having to replace the whole window.
  6. One other advantage is that it is available in many colors, textures and designs. So there is a lot of variety to choose from.
  7. You can paint or stain timber windows to match your home as you prefer.

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Disadvantages of using Timber Doors & Windows:

  1. Timber doors & windows need to be regularly maintained and protected as they are prone to rot.
  2. Timber as a material is prone to termites. It needs regular anti-termite treatments
  3. Humid weather conditions, especially if you live by the sea, it has a bad effect on the timber.
  4. Timber is more expensive than UPVC, the other preferred material for doors & windows

timber doors and windows

Types of Timber wood and what you need to know about them

There are many kinds of timber to choose from. Timber is available either as softwood or hardwood. It is paradoxical but some softwoods are harder than hardwoods and vice versa. Hardwoods have more resistance than softwoods to rotting. Accoya mostly from New Zealand is the world`s longest lasting wood. It has a 50 year anti-rot guarantee.


Hardwood: Mostly comes from deciduous trees which lose their leaves seasonally. These are more expensive than softwoods but harder and with higher levels of density.


Softwood: is mostly coniferous and evergreen. Softer and less dense. They provide less durability and have more knots on them.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood: is more in use today because it uses the best pieces of wood which are glued, compressed and laminated together. It is more stable and less susceptible to swelling or shrinkage that natural timber. It has improved acoustics and thermal performance and runs right through the life of a building. The energy required to create wooden frames is much less than PVC. Did you know that 43% more waste is generated while making PVC windows?.

Summary: Timber door and windows look great & last a very long time provided you look after them properly. However, it will stretch your pockets as compared to UPVC, especially if you go for hardwood. That, according to us, is a small price to pay to live in the home of your dreams.

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