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What Is The Future Of ACP – From The Architect’s Perspective?

There are many advantages of using ACP in the construction industry. They are lightweight, easy to install, flexible and budget-friendly. The global Aluminium Composite Panels market has been growing steadily. But, what does the community of architects think about ACPs? To understand their unique perspective on the future of ACPs, EUROBOND caught up with some of the leading architects.

Here are some key takeaways from our interactions with some of the prominent architects. To catch the entire webinar session, Watch Video

  • ACPs provide the easiest solution to various construction challenges. They tick all the boxes in terms of versatility, price sensitivity, availability and ease-of-installation. But, the future of ACPs rests on two main challenges:
    • The emergence of new, alternative cladding materials like stone veneers, HPL, fabrics etc.
    • The energy efficiency of ACPs. We have seen a lot of innovation within the ACPs with regards to fire resistivity, aesthetics, application. Nevertheless, the energy efficiency of a building is an important aspect that ACPs need to address in one way or the other.
  • The use of ACPs in modern architecture has risen over the past two decades. Some of the iconic projects across the world have used it. Indian architects, too, are starting to see ACPs as a wonder material that can solve complex construction challenges.
  • However, on the flip side Indian architects have been using ACP to simply mimic the West. It all started with the IT boom and ACPs flooded the market. We constructed office buildings using ACPs to attract MNCs. In that process, we stopped conceiving ACPs as a building material. We simply started to look at it a make-shift material to fix construction problems.
  • The blame for this should be shared by both the architects and the manufacturers for pushing ACPs as a quick fix solution rather than a building material.
  • ACPs render a contemporary look to the building while providing various benefits like ease of maintenance, enhanced durability, fire resistance, eco-friendliness, and sustainable solutions. Simply put, the ACPs are a rare blend of functionality and elegance.
  •  ACPs can help elevate the aesthetics of your design, provided the application is apt and with a definite design sense. There is a reason why the ACP appear more aesthetically pleasing at some places than others.

In conclusion, the future of ACPs looks bright. Increased awareness amongst designers and architects is sure to bring out a radical change in the application of ACPs within the construction industry. Furthermore, Government policies like “MakeInIndia” will surely accelerate the growth of ACP market in India.

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