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19 Smart Kitchen Appliances that Will Change the Future of Cooking

Here are a few kitchen appliances which would make any kitchen a tease for those who don`t have the same in theirs. These are all smart gadgets which make you remotely control some basic kitchen or cooking operators for your tired soul, as you are on your way home. Your angry, hungry stomach only interested in gorging food as quick as it can get. How many times in aweek can one eat out. So, for those other gruelling days, here are some solutions.

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1. The Smartest Oven!

smartest oven

Gone are the days when you had to huddle impatiently over your only, lonely oven and wait for it to preheat and you could finally shove in your roast or bread or cake. Simply plug in the oven with an app to your mobile phone and the oven will go on, will preheat itself at the temperature you have set it too and with its timer, to the amount of time you want to give this. When the oven is ready to cook it will indicate on your phone. All this done on your way home.

2. This is the Sous-Vide Machine. It can also be called the Under Vacuum Preserve Steamer

sous vide machine

This is also a remote controlled Wifi enabled cooking device which works as a steamer. Any food which just requires to be steamed before you can eat it,for instance a chicken breast or green vegetables or maybe a vegetable soup or stew can be done in here. This is done at low water temperature. All you need to do is to keep your food in a vacuum bag and keep this in the steamer filled with water. Remote set the time and temperature you want this cooking to happen at. Till you command the food will be kept at refrigeration temperature by the machine.

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3. The third gadget we bring you is a Smart Slow Cooker

smart slow cooker

By one touch on your smart phone this slow cooker will get activated and in a slow-cook way cook you up a delicious meal of chicken tikka, some happening soup , white chillie chicken or soya chops. You can set the timer, temperature and the off and on, on the gadget from just about anywhere using wifi.

4. An amazing Coffee Brewer

coffee brewer

This will brew you a hot cup of coffee from your bed or from your car seat, a distance away from home. You can adjust the depth of the coffee, its strength and sweetness and how much milk you want from your android or i-phone. The time you want the brewing to begin and for how long can also be adjusted. So there goes!

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5. High Tech Barbeque Smoker

high tech barbeque smoker

In the same way as above your food can be bar bequed and smoked and done the way you and your family likes it, at a touch on your mobile phone.
From tandoori chicken to chicken tikka masala to kebabs of all sorts and tandoori aloo and so on and on. The list is endless. Just set the food on your sticks or rods and remotely control the off and on mechanism and the timer and the temperature contro and come home to a feast. No need to be in the middle of a drudge which you foresee with a barbeque party with your chance for the party coming along and you dreading it. No dredge no more.

Here are some more Kitchen Appliances which You are bound to Love and covet.

Here are some amazing kitchen machines which you will find very useful and would love to have in your kitchen.

Don`t worry too much how you are going to handle them. Its not very difficult. You will soon find out.

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6. Spaghetti Measurer

spaghetti measurer

Oh! My God. Did it again .Cooked too much spaghetti again. Here is a fantastic fty Spaghetti Measurer. You see the various slots which will exactly measure how much you need to boil and brew for one to two to four people. They are of two types. One is circular with markings. The other has horizontal segregations as you can see in the picture above.

There is another version called ‘I Could Eat a Horse‘ measurer, which does the same job in a funny sort of manner. This is also very good.

7. A very special teapot

special teapot
This is an amazing teapot which can carry two different kinds of tea for a very particular couple with paradoxical tastes or two friends wanting to party in different strokes.

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8. ipad


This is an ipad which you can stick to your fridge and will handle all your to-do lists and put up your current recipe so you can excitedly carry on with your day.

9. Corn Kerneler

corn kerneler

This is a One step Corn Kerneler which enables you to shred a cob at one go. And holds all the kernels in place inside the circular box. No need now to unpiece your cob in bits and pieces.

10. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle


The picture above this one is a bottle which is a flavor infuser which shrinks the fruits to give a lovely fruity flavor to your everyday water bottle.

11. Magic Cup

magic cup

This lovely cup will change color and smiley to tell your coffee pourer whether it is the right time to give you your morning coffee. Have fun!

12. Rotimatic Machine

rotimatic machine

Here is alovely roti making machine You just need to add flour, water and oil in particular slots and it will not only knead but also roll and make lovely rotis which will pour out. There are choices for oil, thickness of the roti and the kind of roasting you want. It is called the rotimatic machine.

13. Colored Margarita Salt

colored margarita salt

This is colored Margarita salt. Available in many colours. Fantastic invention. Great to go with your party drinks or to amuse children.

14. Digital Nutrition Scale

digital nutrition scale

This Digital Nutrition Scale calculates calories on what you have eaten, be it calories from protein, be it fat, fiber, or carbohydrates and whatever else. You just feed in what you ate and what portions of each and it will tell you how many calories that would be. A great buy.

15. Message Board Toaster

breakfast toast

This is a unique toaster on which you can write any message of your choice and that will get imprinted on your hot , lovely breakfast toast. For instance your wife wants to leave forever and go to her boyfriend and doesn`t know how to tell you so she writes on the board of the toaster and you get to scream or cry first thing in the morning. Oh! My god, this is blasphemous!!!

16. Potato Chips Bag

khatta meetha mixture

Here is a tool which will seal your bag of chips or your Khatta meetha mixture which you just had to leave quickly for an important engagement. Easy ware.
The flavor remains intact.

17. Cool Shooter

cool shooter

This cool shooter gives you shot glasses made of ice in no time if you need a quick shot of your favorite drink.

18. Bread Toaster


This is a See-through Toaster.It will allow you to watch your toasts getting toasted and will make sure none get burnt as you will be watching them toasting your bread.

19. Kitchen Safe


Moms will love this. Keep an item in the safe, set the timer and the safe won’t open till the timer reaches zero. Time to build that much hated practice of self-control, kids.

This is a fantastic sealed box where youcan hide all kinds of goodies or Mom can quickly keep some sweets, or chocolate cookies away from the kids when the box will only open when the timer reaches zero. Isn`t that crazy!!!

Give your tiring day a delightful ending by making your kitchen Tech Savvy with these Wifi-enabled, remote controlled appliances or the simple manual ones. Cook for yourself with ease and stay healthy. Happy Cooking!

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