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Top 10 Hardware Accessories Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Getting hold of the right resources and supplies for a task or job is very critical to its success. Take the example of hardware materials. Using the appropriate kind of hardware materials is very critical to the success of any project. If you’re an individual or a company that’s looking to get access the list of the best hardware manufacturers in India, then you have come to the right place. This listing comprises of the best names in the hardware manufacturing industry in India. Each of them has a long and versatile lineup of materials to offer. Read on to know more…

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  1. McCoy 8M

    Situated in New Delhi, McCoy 8M has always strived to offer the most innovative tools and solutions for all kinds of hardware manufacturing needs. In business from the last 18 years, McCoy 8M produces hardware for uPVC & aluminium doors, windows, and curtain walls.

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  2. Roto Frank Asia

    A European setup, the Roto Frank Asia prides itself as provides of a vast range of products in the doors and windows category. Roto Frank Asia’s solutions are one of the best, needless to say! The company has a branch in Mumbai, India.


  3. Kinlong Hardware Pvt. Ltd

    Boasting of 20 hi-tech products and brand names, Kinlong Hardware is a name of reckoning in the hardware supplies category. Based in Beijing, China, with offices worldwide (in India, it is based in Bangalore.) The company has won several local and global awards for its expansive range of hardware construction commodities


  4. Ozone Overseas Pvt. Ltd

    Be it designer architectural glass fittings, door control devices, railing solutions, or OEM manufacturing, Ozone Overseas Pvt. Ltd has a long list of qualitative manufacturing services and solutions to dazzle you with. Ozone Overseas has a office base in New Delhi

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  5. Dorset Kaba Security Systems Pvt. Ltd

    Established in 1995, this company specializes in providing the highest quality of architectural hardware and high-security locking supplies. Dorset has partnered up Kaba AG of Switzerland for Locks and Security System Business. Be it residential or commercial, Dorset caters to all kinds of industries. The company has its office situated in New Delhi.


  6. Hilti

    All kinds of screws, measuring systems, anchor systems are easily available here. Hilti India is one of the best producers of direct fastening tools. They manufacture and supply drilling, demolition, and cutting tools as well. They have offices in multiple locations in India


  7. Wurth India Private Limited

    If fastening materials in what you want, then check out Wurth. India. The conglomerate is the first-ever Wuerth-Line company. They have 41 branches countrywide. Here’s an idea about its growth stats: Wurth India is aiming to touch an employee turnover of 14,750 by 2020. Need we say more?


  8. Hardwyn

    A renowned manufacturer of architectural hardware and glass fittings, Hardwyn caters to commercial and residential clients and projects. The company has been in business for 47 years now, and knows the industry pulse – in terms of innovation and solutions – better than anyone else.


  9. Schlegel india

    Spread out through the Asian continent, Schlegel is an international player and a qualitative supplier of window and door hardware, seals and accessories. Its range of products also caters to fabricators and distributors.


  10. Siegenia India

    A comprehensive range of products and technologies – this line pretty much sums up Siegenia India. They have window hardware, sliding door products, ventilation and building technologies, and much more!


This compilation has endeavored to give you the best names in the construction hardware supplies and technologies! With these, we are certain all of your construction needs would be wonderfully addressed!

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