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Sound Proofing and Energy Efficiency Qualities of uPVC Windows and Doors

Doors and windows today have gone beyond what they were originally intended for and now serve a variety of purposes which goes further than just fulfilling the basic functions of ventilation, keeping out intruders and letting in light. General expectations from people out of these windows are also increasing considering the advancements in technology today. Engineered to the highest standards and representing the latest in styling and technology, uPVC windows and doors are the way forward. Not only do they manage to fulfil out the basic functions of ventilation and light but they also help in sound proofing besides being energy efficient as well. Hence, uPVC Windows and doors are recognised as green windows thereby gaining an upper hand over traditional wood and metal windows Moreover, they mandate lower maintenance, enhance the functionality of your home. while also being aesthetically attractive. Let’s take a look at their sound proofing and energy efficiency qualities.

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Energy efficiency Gains in uPVC Windows and Doors

Doors and windows in residential and commercial constructions in India are conventionally constructed of tried and tested materials such as steel, wood or aluminium along with simple float glass. Sound proof windows and sound proof doors in India have been looked at simplistically assembled contraptions till now as uPVC is yet to take off in India. However, windows and doors in countries around the world have embraced uPVC as the go-to material owing to its ability to prevent energy loss while providing unparalleled comfort and prove to be the best windows for hot weather.

Besides, uPVC doors and windows today also ensure low/high Solar Heat Gain (energy efficiency), noise reduction, and dust reduction. Additionally, an added benefit of uPVC is that the windows are fireproof windows and waterproof windows while boasting of low maintenance and great aesthetics. High-quality uPVC windows and doors are designed to minimise heat loss by combining a range of design factors and high-quality materials. Moreover, uPVC doors and windows being a much better insulator than aluminium, tend to do a far better job of restricting conductive heat. As a matter of fact, aluminium is regarded as on of the worst materials to use from an insulation standpoint. The non-conductive nature of uPVC makes it the ideal choice for windows and doors. Therefore, when it comes to energy efficiency, uPVC is at the forefront today as it assures excellent insulation which helps in saving on heating and air-conditioning power costs in homes, offices and commercial centres.

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Sound Proof and Noise Reduction Windows India

Soundproofing essentially is all about the mass density. Simply put, the denser the material the better insulation against sound you will get. uPVC as a material is denser as compared to other materials and thus better poised to keep out the sound. Soundproof uPVC windows provide you with a better quality of life. The all around multiple locking points that uPVC windows provide comes equipped with fully covered gaskets making it completely airtight as well as sound proof.

Studies have revealed that prolonged exposure to noise levels at or above 65 dB can increase blood pressure and stress levels. Continuous exposure to high noise levels can further result in permanent damage to the delicate hair cells in your inner ear causing your hearing to deteriorate over time. Excessive noise has also been found to be a major cause of headaches, migraines and gastric problems. Due to its high sound insulation properties, with the apt selection of glass, uPVC Windows and Doors can help reduces outside noise by 30-40 decibels.

Final Thoughts

uPVC being a synthetic product is not only corrosion-proof but termite-proof as well. Besides they boast of high impact strength, weather stability and dimensional stability while also being water and chemical resistant. They are also immune to fading and discolouring. This makes uPVC Windows and doors the ideal match for all weather conditions prevalent across India owing to its versatility and durability. With natural resources dwindling fast, uPVC is fast becoming the the material of choice for consumers and builders alike.

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