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A Tribute To Burger | Young House Love

We shared some sad news on Instagram Stories last week, but wanted to make sure to post something here too, because Burger was such a huge part of our blog. Last Monday, our sweet chihuahua Burger passed away at the age of 15. It was a long wonderful life, but we miss him so so much. The house is way too quiet without him.

Burger sitting on striped egg chair with smiley face

We got him when we were 24 years old. Before we got married, before the blog, before we had kids, before almost every adult experience we had together. He was there through it all.

Baby chihuahua Burger sleeping on John's chest

He was always such a happy boy. We are so grateful for all the years we shared. He seemed to pass away peacefully in his sleep. For a dog that was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur six years ago, we are grateful for all the extra years that he defied the odds after that. It is just a very sad world without him. We knew he wouldn’t be here forever, but he didn’t seem to decline much lately. No real warning at all. Just here last Monday morning, and gone around 1pm.

Burger sleeping under a stack of stuffed aniamls

What we wouldn’t give to have just one more snuggle or save him from something funny on his nose.

Burger looking up with green confetti on his nose

He was just the best. Always making us laugh so hard. Boy did he hate costumes.

Burger looking displeased in Christmas reindeer antler headband

And who can forget his foot phone?

Baby fawn colored chihuahua with foot near ear

Did I mention we took this dog on our honeymoon to Alaska? We have so many good memories.

Baby Burger face poking out of pillows

We celebrated every birthday. We made the most of every year.

Burger licking ice cream pup cup in John's arms

He was a small dog but was always around. He filled up the whole house, we always said.

Burger sleeping under blanket in bed with face poking out

Every vet who met him fell for him. Last Monday the vet was very sweet to us and gave us the gift of saying Burger was a favorite around the office. They said he was lucky to have us and it was clear that we loved him so much. It was nice to hear if you’re looking for something to say to someone who is grieving the loss of a pet.

We just miss him so much. We know it’ll get better, but man did he work his way so deep into all of our hearts.

Burger sleeping on pillows at bed headboard with tail wagging

We’re grateful for every last moment we had and every hilarious picture and tradition. Burger always floated with John across our rental house’s pool on our Florida spring break trips. It’s how we learned that he aspired to retire in Florida by a pool.

John in pool float with Burger on chest with flamingo float in background

It truly was a tradition. He loved it.

Burger making smiley face while on John's stomach in pool float

Look at this face.

Zoom in on Burger's smiley face in pool float

He never missed an opportunity to try out another pool or another float.

Burger standing on John in pineapple pool float

I’m very thankful he had lots of sunny spots to enjoy, and that he got to see our pool get finished and lounge on the deck all summer.

Burger sitting in sun spot near glass door

He was so happy here. We’re just sorry it had to end.

Burger panting on pool lounge chair

He even liked when I held him like a baby. Only me. And only on the front porch. He’d fall asleep like this.

Sherry holding Burger on front porch chair

He was just such a sweet companion to us all, for all these years. And he’s all our children have ever known their entire life. He has always been around to happily “Roomba the crumbs up” after every meal. I know I keep saying we’re so grateful but we just couldn’t have found a better dog. We just recently took this photo on the new kitchen porch.

Family sitting on patio table with Burger standing under table

Look at his happy little face. He knew crumbs were coming…

Zoom in on Burger's smiley face under patio table

Sometimes I thought he was a cartoon dog. I mean how can this be real.

Burger trying to hop onto couch with tongue out and big eyes

We will love you forever Burger.

John holding Burger with submissive face and tiny paws

I know this post is kind of all over the place. We are sad. We are grateful. We are all over the place too. He was a treasured founding member of our family. And he is so missed.

We want to end with a big thank you to you guys for loving him through the screen for all these years. We’re so grateful for the love and your thoughts. He was just the best.

We’re going to plant a tree in his honor in a spot he liked to sniff and pee. Seems like he’d like it.

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