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Different Kitchen Hob Sizes to Suit your Cooking Needs

Kitchen Hob Sizes




Faber HCT 654 CRR LBK EI AI 4 Burner

65 cm

Rs. 13,372

Flexi HCT 470 Dx Lotus BK Built-in Hob

75 cm

Rs. 20,490

Fusion 723 CRX BR CI 3 Brass Burner

72 cm

Rs. 19,097

Sunflame CT Excel BR Manual Ignition

74 cm

Rs. 8,837

Faber HCT 754 SR CRS LBK CI 4 Burner

75 cm

Rs. 12,894


Kitchens are an essential space in every home, and thus every homeowner takes exceptional care of them. In order to reap the most benefits and practicality, an ideal cooking space should be spacious, functional, and well-designed. One of the most crucial decisions for your kitchen is choosing a perfect cooktop to prepare food for your family. In India, there are two basic cooktops. One is standard gas stoves, and the other popular one that has gained more attention in recent years is kitchen hobs, which are relatively compact, easy to use and maintain, give greater value for money and add a modern touch to your cooking space.

While choosing a perfect cooking stovetop, you’ll first have to determine whether it will fit in your kitchen. A homeowner should first determine the amount of space available. Kitchen hob dimensions come in a variety of widths, including 60cm, 75cm, and up to 90cm. Aside from determining the hob size in inches or hob size in feet, you can pick them based on the number of burners on the stove. For example, a 4 Burner hob size is a larger one, whereas a 3 Burner hob size is a mid-sized one. To help you know more about the stovetop sizes, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to ensure you obtain the right fit for your cooking space.

How to select stovetop size?

Remember to consider the below tips while measuring for your new stove:

  • The first consideration is the width. While most cooking tops have a set depth of 50cm and a height of 5cm, the width can range from 60 to 90cm. As a result, you’ll need to select the correct width for the location.
  • Second, ensure there is adequate space between the top and the bottom of your stove cover. Don’t forget to check that the kitchen stove you choose is the same size or smaller than your stove cover.
  • Another crucial consideration is the availability of space for the chimney. Kitchen chimneys should be the same size as the stove. It should not be any smaller than the cooking top.
  • If you wish to position a gas stove above your oven, leave a 2.5cm space between them to allow air to flow.

A Detailed Note on the Hob Sizes for Kitchen

Now that you have decided to redesign your kitchen with a stovetop that will best fit your daily cooking demands, it’s time to consider its size. The width is the most crucial measurement to consider when it comes to redesigning. Let’s look at the variety of hob sizes available:

60-65cm Hob:

A 60cm to 65cm cooktop typically has three or four burners. They can fit into most kitchens easily as they have standard hob size. A 60cm built-in cooktop with four burners is ideal for most common cooking needs. The dimensions of 60cm to 65cm stove tops can range from 59.5 x 52.5 cm to 65 x 52 x 5 cm respectively.

These sizes can easily be integrated into any cooking space, be it modern or traditional. They are ideal for your stylish and compact cooking space. The different three and four burners on these cooktops can manage a full-course dinner when guests surprise you.

75-78cm Hob:

75cm to 70cm cooking tops offer extra space for large pots, lids, and pans. These sizes are ideal and great for those who love to cook more in one go. It can incorporate 3 to 4 burners with extra space to easily place the lids and serving plates. The dimensions of 75cm to 78cm range from 75 x 52x 5cm to 78 x 52.5cm respectively.

The 75cm and 78cm cooktops are rectangular in shape, making them suitable for less wide kitchen slabs. The shape and design of these products are ideal for easy and convenient cooking because you can easily prepare many dishes at a time without any hassle or discomfort. Also, because these sizes are spacious and modern in design, they will add a touch of elegance to your cooking space.

80-90cm Hob:

These stovetops consist of various ring burners, ranging from the smallest to the largest, to meet a wide range of cooking needs. The 80cm-90cm cooking top is ideal for individuals who enjoy cooking many meals at once and desire a modern design in their cooking space. It has 4 to 5 burners and some additional space for your utensils and lids. The dimensions of 80cm to 90cm range from 800 x 526mm to 45 x 915 x 520mm respectively.

When utilising these sizes, you will have the most versatile and safe cooking experience since the extra space assures the user’s safety. Because of their large size, they are best suited for large and open cooking spaces. In addition, the large space offered in the cooking tops provides excellent stability and support for your cooking utensils.

Purchase Different Sizes of Kitchen Hobs from McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart has a wide range of products from a variety of brands. Everything from hardware to sanitary and kitchen appliances to bathroom equipment is available under one roof. Aside from that, you can utilise the search criteria to narrow down the hob sizes. You can grab your favourite kitchen equipment and enjoy your cooking sessions.

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