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Different Types Sliding Door Lock for secure your Home

There’s no denying that a sliding glass door can make your home entrance appear more beautiful, attractive, and welcoming. They have huge glass panes that allow fresh air and natural light to come in easily. Furthermore, they are simple to clean and operate. Homeowners choose sliding doors because of the many benefits that they offer.

Sliding doors are a highly practical and space-saving option for your home. They are also extremely attractive! However, they can raise significant security concerns. Safety is important for you and your family, and something as basic as a reliable sliding glass entryway lock can make all the difference. Since they do not close and open like traditional latched entrances, it becomes difficult to know which sliding glass entryway latches are suitable for your home.

When working with a sliding entryway, there are numerous gate bolts options to keep your home secure. The following are the most prevalent types of sliding gate locks:

Types of Sliding Glass Door Locks

  • Electronic or Smart Lock

  • Mortise and Hook Lock

  • Double Bolt or Deadbolt Lock

  • Rim Lock

  • Sliding Door Loop Lock

Electronic or Smart Lock

Electronic doors latches are the most recent and cutting-edge solution for sliding glass gates. These smart bolts are completely automatic. They offer a high degree of protection, incorporate wireless technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth, allowing you unrivalled control over it.

These are mounted on the surface of the door. They provide programmable features like biometrics, auto-lock, and smartphone applications that can improve home security. They can also be unlocked with a keypad or retina recognition for business premises.


  • They usually come with a built-in security alarm that will automatically generate a loud alarm in case of an attempted burglary.
  • They come with a pair of overriding keys in case you want to open the gate during emergencies.

Mortise and Hook Lock

Mortise latches are the most common form of the sliding door. They are mounted on the inside of the panel and can only be fastened from inside as well as outside. They are a low-cost choice for homeowners who aren’t bothered with opening and closing their gates from the outside.

A key is required to open mortise and hook latches. They rely solely on an up and down button to keep the gate shut. Mortise and hook bolts are particularly popular due to their sturdy construction.


  • It is a robust, attractive, and long-lasting bolt for homes and even commercial premises’ main and interior gates.
  • It can be simply operated with the key from both inside and outside.

Double Bolt or Deadbolt Lock

Double bolts add an extra degree of protection and are simple to install on the majority of sliding gates. They function by preventing the door from being lifted or removed from the frame on which it moves. Because they are installed near the handle, they will be compatible with any other bolts on your door.

Deadbolts are attached to the jamb and are held together by interlocking bolts, making them stronger and durable. They are simple to operate, and a low-cost option for patio glass door latches. These latches use two bolts to fasten the entryway from the outside as well as inside of the frame.


  • It has double the strength as compared to other bolts which make it hard to break.
  • You can easily place it directly on the jamb.

Rim Lock

A rim lock is a surface-mount lock that is installed on the surface of a door. It secures the door with a latch that glides into the rim or frame. To operate this latch, porcelain, brass, or other types of knobs or handles are used.

A rim latch has a high-quality mechanism that provides maximum security. It is pick and force resistant, making it extremely secure. In addition, it features a safety knob for enhanced protection and privacy, and it is designed to be practically unbreakable, non-pickable, and rust and corrosion-resistant.


  • They contain a sturdy and long-lasting tri bolt for further security.
  • It may be opened from the outside as well as the interior using a key and a knob on the inside.

Sliding Door Loop Lock

This is a simple latch that is generally accessible in home improvement stores. This bolt is attached to the frame on one side and the entryway on the other. It attaches the gate to the jamb in a very secure manner.

It’s also simple to use. All you have to do is raise up and slide the longer loop into the receiver. The main advantage of employing this type of latch is its ease of installation. You may also put it anywhere along with the frame, which will provide you ease in the installation process.


  • This is a convenient and space-saving bolt because it is easy to install and work with.
  • It can be operated with an overriding key from inside as well as outside.

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