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Gold & Brass Wall Sconces

I’m slowly making changes to the family house to make it feel more fresh and modern in anticipation of a future sale. In the dining room I bought new curved back chairs and on the walls replaced the old sconces with more contemporary lighting.

Lighting is always the jewelry in any room, and in my dining space I chose golden tones. Wall sconces on dimmer switches are my favorite way to add beautiful lighting to a space, and the best for setting a mood in the evening hours. In my dining room I replaced the old sconces with these single light wall sconces with a contemporary style with clean lines. I have the same fixture but the double light sconce in my living room.


I’m in the process of styling my latest kitchen remodel and brought over a few props to the house. For this renovation, I added a modern bar sconce above the open shelves for extra ambiance. You don’t have to use traditional picture lights above artwork or shelves, you can use vanity lights in a bar shape too!

I love the contrast of the wood tones with off white walls and countertops. I still need to add the hardware to the cabinets, but this kitchen reveal is coming soon!

Below find a few dozen wall sconces to add gold  and brass tones to your spaces too.


fluted / abbey halo / sculptural faceted

cyprus / essential tube / haleigh wallchiere

block bar / milano led / exposier brass

livex brass / swing arm / beckham square




celeste / jerdore  / chrystorama

mod turn / clinton / midcentury

forum double / mod creation / trombetta

antique brass kaylin / riverbend two light / locke led



milk glass / loring 3 light

yvette 3 light / vega

scuptural faceted / frosted aged brass

angler / pearson

branch prism / hudson valley

Bar Shaped

blanco bar / tara bar

gold stick / modern acrylic

led bar / brass art lamp

maxim led / aged brass

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