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Different Types of Deadbolt Door Locks

Deadbolts provide the most security against burglary or break-in. This type of bolt is operated without the use of a spring since these bolts are moved by twisting a knob or key. They have a one-of-a-kind securing mechanism that is resistant to physical attacks, hammering, and drilling. They are not openable with a hand tool or hammer.

Deadbolts are the most basic latch and can be opened from different sides of the door using a key or thumb-turn. These bolts are commonly used on outside as well as inside doors because they provide a different level of security against attackers. They work by inserting a key into a cylinder, and the lock can only be opened by turning the key. This type of latch offers the most versatility and security.

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There are four types of deadbolt locks: Single, Double, Combination Deadbolt or Lockable Thumbturn, and Vertical. Continue reading to have a deeper insight at the types of Deadbolt:

Deadbolt lock types

Single Deadbolt Lock

Most residences have single-cylinder bolts. A single-cylinder includes a keyhole on one side and a knob or turning mechanism on the other. Mostly this latch has a common thumb-turn that appears like a simple lever and that spins much like a key. This rotating mechanism is normally put indoors, where it can be used to secure the door without the need for keys. They are the simplest ones and can be opened from one side using a key.

The ability to open or close the door from the inside of the house with a thumb-turn gives a level of convenience that the modern homeowner has grown accustomed to. Because of this, as well as the low cost of these bolts, they are more frequently used than the double-cylinder.

Double Cylinder Lock

Double cylinder deadbolt has a key cylinder on both the inside and outside of the door. This variant of bolts provides increased security as compared to other ones. This type of bolt is especially useful for decorative doors with glass panels, which might be damaged by attackers while seeking a way into the house. With a double-cylinder deadbolt, criminals will be unable to enter the building without a correct key.

Double-cylinder adds an extra degree of security to your house or workplace. Using this bolt, burglars cannot manually open the door without a thumb-turn mechanism. Replacing single-cylinder with double-cylinder ones can evidently reduce successful break-ins by half or more.

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Lockable Thumbturn or Combination Deadbolt

A lockable thumbturn is a combination between a single-cylinder and a double cylinder and for that reason, it can function as both of them. It features a thumbturn as well as a lock on the inner side of the door. This implies that on a daily basis, you can skip using the lock and simply use the thumbturn for convenience, with the deadbolt working as a single cylinder.

However, you also have the option of securing your door with the key, which will be handy if you leave your property for long periods of time, such as when on vacation, and want to ensure that your house is particularly safe.

Vertical DeadBolt

This type of lock is also known as a jimmy-proof deadbolt lock because it cannot be forced, or attacked open due to the robust securing mechanism. Because it is surface mounted, this type of lock is popular as an additional level of security on external doors since it takes very little alteration to fit in.

These bolts are resistant to being opened easily because of the intertwined between the bolt and the jamb bracket. They can be seen on commercial as well as residential doors. Vertical bolts can be used to secure doors that open inward and outward.

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