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Everything you need to know about Steel Dustbin Big Size

Every person on the planet wants his or her home, office, and surroundings to be clean and neat. As a result, we may choose the ideal dustbin for our requirements. A dustbin beneath each table would be acceptable to provide the essential hygiene in our office and homes. We must pay close attention to hygiene, especially in congested offices. Because only by emphasising this, will we be able to reduce dirt and clutter. These are essential hygienic components for workplaces, public places like restaurants, canteens, toilets, trains, as well as homes.

There are several different types of dustbins in the market, including stainless steel, plastic, and wood. Steel ones, in our opinion, are the greatest of all. Because of the steel body composition, it lasts longer and looks wonderful in the house, workplace, and other settings. Their finishing is excellent, making them extremely easy to clean. Metal garbage bins are offered in various designs and sizes and are renowned for their excellent quality, durability, as well as utility. The robust and hygienic, Stainless steel pedal bin comes in big as well as standard sizes which can be used in different places. Continue reading to explore the different sizes of this product:

Stainless Steel Dustbin Big Size



Capacity in Liters

Prego Stainless Steel Swing Dustbin

12 * 28


Stainless Steel  Design Ash Can Bin

14 * 28


Mofna Stainless Steel Ash can Dustbin

15 * 24


Silver Stainless Swing Bin Dustbin Plain

15 * 28


Stainless Steel Dustbin Standard Size



Capacity in Liters

Revera Modular Kitchen Small Bin

7 * 10


Modular Kitchen Medium Bin Plain

8 * 12


Kitchen Large Bin Paddle Plain

10 * 14


How to select the appropriate Stainless Steel Garbage Bin Size?

Remember to consider the below tips while selecting the size for your new garbage bin:

The first thing you should consider is the area where you want to place this product. For example, if you want to place it in your bedroom, sizes of 7 litres to 11 litres should be enough.

The second thing to consider is the diameter and height of the product. For example if you want to place it in a restaurant kitchen, a wide mouth is an essential so that you can easily throw the trash in it without spilling or littering it. For that size, 70 Litres to 90 Litres is the perfect one.

A Detailed Note of the Sizes of Stainless Steel Dustbin

A wastebasket made of metal provides a modern touch to your house while still fitting comfortably in small as well as large spaces. They come in a range of sizes, so let’s have a look at the big and standard sizes of these products.

  • 50 Litres: The dimension of this garbage bin is 12 * 28  inches. Its contemporary, sleek, and attractive design creates a modern appeal, and it is suitable for any house as well as business. Since this size is decent enough to accommodate all the amount of garbage collected in a day, you can use it for dry garbage such as papers and office debris, as well as laundry baskets for used clothes. Robust commercial quality and thicker materials of this product offer further strength to it. This size is the most ideal one for everyday interior domestic usage.
  • 70 Litres: This high-quality trashcan has a dimension of 14 * 28 inches and is ideal for tiny places, so the quality and quantity are excellent. It is suitable for use in toilets, beneath decks, and other areas. This sturdy industrial quality and thicker materials offer more strength to the product, extending the life of these products and making them ideal for everyday interior usage. You may also use it for business purposes in factories and godowns because it can handle both organic and inorganic waste. Aside from garbage, they may be used for a variety of industrial uses.
  • 80 Litres: The dimension of this specific trash can is 15 * 24 inches. It is made from stainless steel of excellent quality and cutting-edge technology which are widely used in offices, restaurants, commercial stores, and hotels to dispose of dry trash such as papers, poly bags, and food wrappers. Because the spectrum of these stainless steels is fairly broad, they may be utilised for a variety of purposes, including commercial and industrial. The strong stainless steel structure, lift-off top, and huge capacity make it an excellent choice for restaurants and coffee shops, as well as busy families.
  • 90 Litres: This is one of the biggest sizes of this product available in the market. It is a popular choice of commercial and industrial bins which have a larger volume of waste. This size has a dimension of 15 * 28 inches. The size and style are perfect if your household or workplace generates a lot of trash. The wide opening cover is hassle-free to use as they stay in place and do not let your trash litter here and there. It is super easy to clean and the silver colour looks great with stainless steel appliances.
  • 5 Litres: The dimension of this garbage bin is 7 * 10 inches. These are preferable in living spaces and commercial or clinical settings. The solid build, yet slim stature, fits well in any home. Its surface is coated with a metal itself that resists grime and smudges, therefore it requires such little maintenance to retain that wonderful glow.
  • 7 Litres: The standard size of this garbage bin is 8 inches in diameter and 12 inches in height.  It has a decent waste holding capacity and wide opening making it easy to toss in trash on the go making this an ideal choice for commercial businesses such as restaurants, hotel lobbies, banquet rooms or commissaries, and homes.
  • 11 Litres: Stainless Metal Trash bin can easily be used with or without standard garbage bags. The dimension of this product is 10 litres by diameter and 14 inches by height. They can be utilised in common rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and under the desk. It has a beautiful finish which adds a modern touch to the space.

Purchase Stainless Steel Dustbins from McCoy Mart

If you want to buy big-sized SS trash cans for your house and offices, you should check with McCoy Mart. It is an online store where you can purchase numerous appliances and hardware. You may compare the pricing of many variations to find which one best matches your budget. Furthermore, when purchasing safes with a pro account, you may save money in quantity.

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